Leading Women Award

Description of Award: The Ladies First Leading Woman Award honors a woman working in any role in the public finance industry in the Mid-Atlantic region who (a) had made a significant contribution to the public finance industry through either a singular action or over the course of her career, and (b) has displayed exemplary professional behavior and strong leadership skills which transcend her specific role.

2021 Recipient: Kathy Clupper, Managing Director at PFM

Highlights from the Nominations:

Kathy is consistently a staunch promoter of women and diversity in the workplace. This commitment is at the heart of all she does whether professionally or in the community.

To sum it up, Kathy is a leader in the municipal market - balancing work life responsibilities and managing complex projects for clients, while advocating for women and women’s issues in the workplace and the community.

She is hard working, smart and creative and has served as a mentor to junior colleagues and young bankers alike. Kathy has diligently toiled behind the scenes, without seeking acclaim or recognition, for most of her career.

Always intent on doing the right thing for the issuer and cutting to the chase, Kathy lends her talents to consistently structure and consummate deals on an efficient and transparent basis for some of the largest issuers in the region. Kathy is a straight shooter and is able to keep her eye on the ball while collegially guiding a working group toward a successful closing. As a senior professional, she has befriended and mentored many women in the business during her 30+ year career.

I have watched and learned from her as she successfully raised her twin sons and daughter while climbing to the highest levels at one of the biggest players in the industry.